On behalf of our entire team, allow me to welcome you to the Therawin family! As you look forward to the                    quality products and premium services which you will now receive, please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the following information about us.

Therawin fully complies with the good manufacturing practices (GMP) established by the World Health Organization (WHO) and enjoys GLP &  ISO 9001:2014 certification. We serve both domestic and international markets with unrivalled quality and excellence.

Our Vision

We offer affordable and accessible healthcare options without discrimination, with an unrelenting focus on producing the highest quality pharmaceutical solutions to meet your healthcare needs and to ensure total satisfaction.

Our Mission

We aim to form an expansive, global network of satisfied customers by delivering pharmaceutical products distinguished by their unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Our Facilities

Our laboratories, plants, and other facilities conform to industry standards, and are in accordance with WHO GMP, Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and Schedule M of the Drug and Cosmetic Acts of 1940.

Furthermore, we provide premium air conditioning (HVAC) and heating ventilation systems for every facility. Providing a stable environment ensures excellent quality of all our products. Our team of qualified, trained, and experienced technicians oversees and maintains our facilities with professional expertise and meticulous care.

Our Products

We supply a comprehensive array of products for multiple fields spanning Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Ayurvedic, Healthcare, Personal Care and Veterinary products. These products include capsules, tablets, oral liquids, dry syrups, powders & topical applications.

Commitment to Quality

We employ the most recent technological developments .

These resources include: an ultraviolet spectrophotometer, high-performance liquid chromatography equipment, gas chromatography equipment, accompanied by infrared spectrophotometers and other industry-leading laboratory instruments.

We utilize this technology in our internal quality control labs, evaluating the integrity and reliability of all that we do, whether that be instrumental, microbiological, or chemical functions.

We thoroughly examine and rigorously test all raw materials, packing supplies, and finished products, delivering the highest quality through the entire manufacturing process. To facilitate this process, we deploy a tracking system which accounts for each activity and every parameter to provide Total Quality Management (TQM). Our team of TQM professionals guarantees the integrity of everything that we produce.

Research and Development

Our internal research and development team delivers ongoing innovation by continuing to develop new fixed dose  combinations (FDCs) to add to our extensive list.

Our Regulations

Our industry-qualified internal regulatory team prepares all necessary dossiers for product registration. By generating relevant data and conducting a broad range of insightful experiments, they prepare our products for approval by international authorities.

By providing you with this extensive array of highest quality products, personnel, and services, we are confident that the Therawin team will be able to meet your requirements and build a long-lasting relationship together.


Managing Director

Therawin Formulations